The department of agroinformatic has been created in 2002 year. In 2003 the proffesor Dr. D.M.Khomyakov has been selected the head of department.
Programs of special and general courses of the department of agroinformatic
1. Use of informational technologies in agroecology and agriculture.
2. Formation of quality of vegetative production and system of its certification
3. Agrometeorological conditions and efficiency of fertilizers
4. Steady development and ecological safety of agrolandscapes
5. Peculiarities of agroproduction in conditions of environmental contamination
6. Modern technologies of receiving and use of untraditional (nonconventional) mineral fertilizers
7. Bases of the system analysis
8. Agroecological estimation of agricultural crops
9. Biotechnologies in agriculture
10. Bases of a agriculture and agromanagement
11. Economic and legal bases of nature management
Staff of the department
1. Khomyakov Dmitri Michailovich
2. Pahnenko Ekaterina Petrovna
The staff of the department carries out researches in a priority direction: "Information support of improvement agrotechnology and rational nature management ".