• The geography of field studies of the Department of Soil Physics and Melioration covers the whole territory of the Russian Federation
  • The Department has developed a practice of fruitful work with foreign students, the result of which was successfully defensed BSc, MSc and PhD-thesis.
  • The Department of Soil Physics and Melioration regularly organizes scientific conference at various levels, including international ones

Special courses and training practices (in Russian)  

Bachelors' program:

  • Agrophysics (Prof. Goncharov V.M.)
  • Soil Solid phase (Dr. Khaidapova D.D., Dr. Butylkina M.A.)
  • Soil Liquid phase (Prof. Umarova A.B., Dr. Kokoreva A.A.)
  • Soil Gas phase (Prof. Smagin A.A.)
  • Heat exchange theory in soils (Prof. Arkhangelskaya T.A.)
  • Environmental basics of soil and landscape melioration (Dr. Shvarov A.P.)
  • Applied aspects of soil physics (Prof. Umarova A.B., Dr. Butylkina M.A., Dr. Kokoreva A.A., Dr. Ezhelev Z.S., Dr. Suslenkova M.M.)
  • Basics of land law (Prof. Sapozhnikov P.M.)
  • Workshop on physics of soil solid phase (Prof. Milanovskii E.Yu., Dr. Khaidapova D.D., Dr. Butylkina M.A., Dr. Faustova E.V., Dr. Tyugai Z., Bykova G.S.)
  • Special workshop on determination of energy and mass transfer in soils (Dr. Butylkina M.A., Dr. Faustova E.V., Dr. Gasina A.I., Dr. Shnyrev N.A., Bashina A.S.)

Masters' program

  •  Basics of hydrogeology (Prof. Nikiforova A.S.)
  •  Mathematical modelling of moisture movement in soils (Prof. Arkhangelskaya T.A.)
  •  Modelling of gas dynamics in soils and landscapes (Prof. Smagin A.A.)
  •  Soil reclamation and GIS technology (Dr. Nikiforova A.A.)
  •  Restoration of anthropogenically disturbed lands (Dr.Ginzburg M.E)
  •  Soil mechanics and rheology (Dr. Khaidapova D.D.)
  • Physical properties and soil organic matter (Prof. Milanovskii E.Yu.)
  • Soil resources of the Russian Federation: assessment, use, protection (Prof. Sapozhnikov P.M.)
  • Statistical techniques in soil and agricultural research (Dr. Faustova E.V., Dr. Dembovetskii A.V.)
  • Soil and landscape design (Prof. Umarova A.B.)
  • Engineering soil science (Prof. Kovalev I.V.)
  • Soil melioration for landscape design (Dr. Shvarov A.P.)


Main research areas


Main research projects

  • 18.01.2019 – 31.12.2021: Fundamental structural and functional characteristics of urban soils in different climatic zones. (Team leader: Prof. Umarova A.B.; Team members from the department: Prof. Arkhangelskaya T.A., Dr. Butylkina M.A., Dr. Gasina A.I., Dr. Ezhelev Z.S., Dr. Tyugai Z., Dr. Suslenkova M.M.)
  • 16.07.2019 – 15.07.2022: Soil constructions: fundamental physical and biological aspects of their creation, functioning and evolution in a humid and arid climate. (Team leader: Prof. Umarova A.B.; Team members from the department: Dr. Butylkina M.A., Dr. Kokoreva A.A., Dr. Ezhelev Z.S., Frolov O.A.)
  • 01.01.2020 – 31.12.2022: An advanced scheme for parameterization of land surface hydrology in Earth System models and numerical weather forecast systems (Faculty of Geography, member from department: Dr. Kokoreva A.A.)
  • 17.07.2019 – 01.07.2022: Polymeric structurant for the soil protection from water and wind erosion and preservation / improvement its hydrophysical characteristics waste (Faculty of Chemistry, member from the department: Dr. Gasina A.I.)
  • 21.03.2018 – 31.12.2019: Migration of mobile pesticides in soil: physical description and connection with hydro-chemical parameters of mass transfer. (Team leader: Dr. Kokoreva A.A..; Team members from the department: Belik A.A.)
  • 14.11.2018 – 21.11.2021: Polymer binders based on interpolyelectrolyte complexes for stabilizing insulating coatings of soils at landfills (landfills) of municipal solid waste (Faculty of Chemistry, member from the department: Dr. Khaidapova D.D.)


Representatives of the Department open to international cooperation: