Mission: Sustainable development through environmental research and education


The Faculty of Soil Science is the largest institution in the country, providing education and research in various studies related to soil and environmental issues.

The education we offer is fundamental and comprehensive. First, students learn mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology and other essential disciplines.

Starting from the 3rd year, our students choose a specialized educational profile in a selected department and compile a research work for their diploma thesis. Our curriculum also includes field training to study soils, landscapes and flora of the main natural areas of Russia.

Our graduates are highly demanded in various environmentally-oriented areas.



Soil Science Faculty provides undergraduate (BA/BSc, four years), Master (MA/MSc, two years) and post-graduate programs (PhD, four years).


 For BSc and MSc degrees we provide two educational programs: 

  • Soil Science (to know what is soil science , please follow link)
  • Ecology& Nature Management.


MSc “Natural Resources Management for Food Security” taught IN ENGLISH to be launched in September 2023

for details please visit https://openday.msu.ru/soil-en


For Post-graduate studies there are three programs within Biological Sciences (Soil Science, Ecology, and Microbiology) and two programs within Agricultural Sciences (Agrochemistry and Agrophysics).



Various research projects in soil science and related environmental sciences are carried out at the Faculty. Eleven Departments provide a wide scope of fields of study:

For assistance and more information, please, contact us


History and Traditions

  • Soil science as a university discipline has been formed mainly due to outstanding Russian scientists – Vasiliy Dokuchaev, Vladimir Vernadskiy, and other experts, who interpreted soil as a part of biosphere and noosphere.
  • At first in the world, soil science teaching began at Moscow University in 1906. The single at that time Department of Soil Science was organized on Physical-Mathematical Faculty in 1922.
  • Since that time Departments of Soil Science belonged to Faculties of Physics and Mathematics (1922-1934), Soil and Geography (1934-1939), Soil and Geology (1939-1949), Biology and Soil Science (1949-1973).
  • Faculty of Soil Science was found in 1973. The activity includes both education and research. About 350 BSc, 100 MSc and 87 post-graduate students study at the Faculty; more than 150 Professors and Faculties teach and conduct research. 
  • The first Dean of the Faculty was its organizer Academician Gleb Dobrovolsky (1973-1989), an outstanding Russian soil scientist. In 1989-1995 the Faculty was governed by Prof. Anatoliy Voronin, Vice-president of the Russian Society of Soil Scientists. Later, in 1995-2020,  Professor Sergey Shoba, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Science, President of Dokuchaev Soil Science Society headed the Faculty. Since 2020, Prof. Sergey Shoba becomes the President of the Faculty, and the Acting Dean is Prof. Pavel Krasilnikov.

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