Приглашаем Вас ознакомиться с записью вебинара Soil Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture, который состоялся 28 февраля на английском языке. 

Abstract: Key to our ability to confront global change challenges while producing food for humans and livestock is sustainable management of fertile, living soil. Managing soil biology for the maintenance of diverse microbial and faunal communities can reduce the costs of inputs, increase ecosystem services, and help meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

Join moderator Johan Six, ETH, Zurich, and panelists Gerlinde de Deyn, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Stuart Grandy, Univ. New Hampshire, USA, Jonathan Leake, Univ. Sheffield, UK, and Sara Sanchez Moreno, National Center Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA-CSIC), Spain, as they discuss their research on soil biodiversity and how it contributes to sustainable agriculture.



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