The chair of agrochemistry in MSU has been opened in 1863. The first chief of department was J.N.Kalinovsky.
N.E.Ljaskovsky (1839-1893) headed the deparment of agrochemistry since 1872. A.N.Sabanin (1847-1920) supervised over the chair of 30 years since 1890. V.V.Gemmerling was the chief the department since 1922. Then it was headed by professor A.N.Lebedev since 1922 till 1924 and from 1924 till 1931 by the known scientist and educational specialist A.N.Lebedjantsev (1878-1941) who has brought the essential contribution to perfection (upgrading) of teaching of agrochemistry and to development agrochemical researches.
D.N.Prjanishnikov was the chief the chair of agrochemistry since 1944 till 1948. Since 1953 the department of agrochemistry has headed N.S.Avdonin. In 1979 V.G.Mineev (the academician of Russian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, the honored worker of a science and technics of the Russian Federation of Modern scientific work) became the chief.
Programs of special and general courses of the department of agrochemistry.
1. Trace elements (microcells) in an agriculture.
2. A condition and prospects of use agrochemical means (resources) in world agriculture.
3. System of applications of fertilizers.
4.  Use of the computer in agrochemistry.
5. Methods agrochemical researches.
6. Agrochemistry and biological activity of soil.
7. A feed and fertilizer of vegetable cultures in controllable (supervising) conditions.
8. The organization of agrochemical maintenance of an agriculture in Russia and abroad.
9. Agrochemistry and (germo) microbocenoses in soils of agroecosystems.
10. Physiologically -biochemical bases of plant’s feed.
11. Agrochemistry and biosphere.
12. History of agrochemistry and methodology of agrochemical researches.
Staff of the department
1. Mineev Vasily Grigor'evich
2. Adeladzha Irina Gennad'evna
3. Ameljanchik Olga Anatol'evna
4. Bolysheva Tatyana Nikolaevna
5. Verkhovtceva Nadezhda Vladimirovna
6. Voronina Lyudmila Petrovna
7. Gomonova Nina Fedorovna
8. Egorov Vladimir Sergeevich
9. Egorova Elena Vladimirovna
10. Edemskaya Natalia Leonidovna
11. Karpova Elena Anatol'evna
12. Kolesnikova Svetlana Fedorovna
13. Lebedeva Lyubov Arsen'evna
14. Morachevskaya Ekaterina Viktorovna
15. Pavlov Kyril Vasil'evich
16. Pashkevich Elena Borisovna
Present-day scientific work of the department.
The staff of the chair carries out reseaches on a theme " the Modern condition of fertility of different types soils and agrochemichal  ways of its reproduction " (supervisor of studies is V.G.Mineev).
Sections of the given theme are the following:
•  ecological functions of long action and aftereffects agrochemical means  in agrocenose (V.S.Egorov, N.F.Gomonova, N.L.Edemskaya, E.A.Karpova, K.V.Pavlov);
•  ecologically-functional role of agrochemical means in agrocenoses polluted by heavy metals (L.A.Lebedeva, L.P.Voronina, E.V.Morachevskaya);
• Ecological estimation of biofertilizers and others untraditional  agrochemical means in agrocenoses a soddy-podsolic zone (T.N.Bolysheva, O.A.Ameljanchik);
• agrochemistry and optimization of  microbocenoses and biological activity of soils of agroecosystems (N.V.Verhovtceva, E.V.Egorov, L.A.Bychkova).