General Soil Science

The department of soil science in MSU has been established by professor V.V. Gemmerling in 1922. Professor V.A.Kovda, corresponding member АН the USSR headed the chair since 1953. Since 1980 B.G.Rozanov was the chief of the department. Since 1993 till 1999 V.D.Vasilevskaja has been the chair. Professor A.S.Vladychenskii became the chief of the department of soil science in 1999.
The laboratory of radioecology headed by Dr.Sci.Biol. A.I.Shcheglov is a part of the department of soil science since 1969.
Programs of special and general courses of department of the general soil science:
1. Legal bases of an estimation of environmental ecological condition.
2. Landscape designing.
3. Stability of soil to anthropogenous influences.
4. Soil classification.
5. Soil informatics (computer science).
6. Radioecology.
7. Chemical soil pollution.
8. Economic approaches to an estimation of biological resources and lands.
9. Remote methods and GIS (geoinformation systems) in inventory and monitoring of a soil cover.
10. System of research methods in soil science.
11. Methods of the mineralogical analysis of large soil fractions with bases of crystal optics.
12. Soil micromorphology.
13. Biological productivity and biological cycle of elements and their role in soil formation.
14. Soils of the world.
15. Parent rocks.
16. Problems of genetic soil formation.
Staff of the department:
1.Vladychenskii Aleksandr Sergeevich
2.Avetyan Sergei Andreevich
3.Bogatyrev Lev Georgievich
4.Bykovskaya Tamara Kirillovna
5.Vaganov Ivan Egenievich
6.Vasilievskaya Vera Dmitrievna
7.Goncharova Olga Yurievna
8.Evdokimova Tatiana Ivanovna
9.Zborishchuk Yurii Nikolaevich
10.Zolotarev Gennadii Viktorovich
11.Koptsik Galina Nikolaevna
12.Livantsova Svetlana Yurievna
13.Makarov Mikhail Ivanovich
14.Makeeva Valentina Ivanovna
15.Malysheva Tatiana Igorevna
16.Matyshak Georgii Valerievich
17.Morgun Evgenii Georgievich
18.Nikolaeva Svetlana Aleksandrovna
19.Okuneva Raisa Makarovna
20.Otina Galina Ivanovna
21.Pervova Natalia Efimovna
22.Pogozhev Evgenii Yurievich
23.Pogozheva Elena Aleksandrovna
24.Podvezennaya Marina Aleksandrovna
25.Rozhdestvenskaya Svetlana Oktyabrinovna
26.Rozov Sergey Yurievich
27.Ryzhova Irina Mikhailovna
28.Semenyuk Olga Vyacheslavovna
29.Sileva Tatiana Mikhailovna
30.Stoma Galina Vladimirovna
31.Telesnina Valeria Michailovna
32.Ulianova Tatiana Yurievna
Scientific researches on the department of the general soil science are spent in a priority direction "Functioning and evolution of soils in natural and anthropogenous landscapes ". It includes two themes.
The first theme is " Processes of soil formation and functioning of soils in natural and anthropogenous landscapes ". It consists  of following basic sections: soil processes and genesis of soils; a role of soil in formation of biogeochemical cycles of elements; transformation of mineral substance of soil during soil formation.
The second theme is "Stability and anthropogenous evolution of soils ". It includes following sections: theoretical bases of soil stability formation; chemical pollution of soils; anthropogenous evolution of soils of steppe zone; genesis and functioning of urban soils.