Physics and Melioration

The department has been organized in 1943 by V.V.Gemmerling. In 1950 N.A.Kachinsky became the chief. A.D.Voronin headed the chair since 1976. E.V.Sheyin is the chief of the department since 1998.
Programs of special and general courses of the department of physics and reclamation of soil.
1. Economic estimation of lands.
2. Modelling of processes of transfer in soil.
3. Genesis and ecological bases of improvement of soil and landscape.
4. Soil-environmental problems of agrolandscapes.
5. Soil-landscape designing and bases of a phytodesign.
6. Soil-meliorative bases of landscape designing.
7. Agrophysics.
8. A quantitative estimation of reclaimed soil.
9. Sandy landscapes, their genesis, ecology and soil improvement.
10. The program of practical work of soil physics.
11. A gas phase of soil.
12. Rheology of soil.
13. Electrophysics of soil.
14. Cryogenic processes in soil.
15. The theory of heat exchange in soil.
16. Laws of mass transfer in soil.
17. Phyto-improvement of soil.
18. Biogeophysics.
19. Bases of hydrogeology.
20. Soil-meliorative researches and GIS-technologies.
Staff of the department:
1.Shein Evgenii Viktorovich
2.Arkhangelskaya Tatiana Aleksandrovna
3.Bannikov Michail Viktorovich
4.Berezin Petr Nikolaevich
5.Butylkina Marina Aleksandrovna
6.Vasilievna Maria Ivanovna
7.Glagolev Michail Vladimirovna
8.Goncharov Vladimir Michailovich
9.Gorbunov Dmitrii Yurievich
10.Dembovetskii Aleksandr Vladislavovich
11.Egorov Yrii Valentinovich
12.Zhuravleva Elena Evgenievna
13.Zaidelman Feliks Ruvimovich
14.Zubkova Tatiana Aleksandrovich
15.Karpachevskii Lev Oskarovich
16.Kirichenko Anatolii Valentinovich
17.Kovalev Ivan Yurevich
18.Manucharov Aleksandr Sergeevich
19.Marchenko Olga Vasilievna
20.Milanovskii Evgenii Yurievich
21.Nizovtsev Vladimir Vasilievich
22.Nikiforova Aleksandra Aleksandrovna
23.Nikiforova Alla Sergeevna
24.Petrova Nataliya Ivanovna
25.Pozdnyakova Anatolii Ivanovich
26.Pochatkova Tatiana Nikolaevna
27.Sadovnikova Nadezhda Borisovna
28.Sidorova Marina Aleksandrovna
29.Smagin Andrey Valentinovich
30.Smirnova Irina Viktorovna
31.Smirnova Liliya Fedorovna
32.Sudnitsin Ivan Ivanovich
33.Tymbaev Vladimir Gennadievich
34.Tyugai Zemfira Nikolaevna
35.Umarova Aminat Batalbievna
36.Faustova Ekaterina Valerievna
37.Khaidapova Dolgor Dorzhievna
38.Chumicheva Galina Dmitrievna
39.Shvarov Aleksandr Petrovich
40.Shevchenko Elena Mikhailovna
Studying of soil structure including processes of formation of aggregates is  one of mainstreams of work on the department.
For the first time the newest methods of soil research have been theoretically proved and applied to the decision of concrete soil problems: magnetic (V.F.Babanin), electric (A.I.Pozdnjakov), thermodynamic - an estimation of soil water condition (I.I.Sudnitsyn, A.D.Voronin, E.V.Shein).
Wood soils are studied (including change of soils under artificial wood plantings), their genesis, distribution in space, participation in formation of a soil cover and functioning of wood ecosystems. Researches on a gas mode and rheological properties of soil have extended.
The group of soil improvement has continued researches of hydromorphic soils, including influence of fires on peat soil, a role of addition of sand in preservation of peat soil and reclamation problems. Works on studying heat properties and regimes of soil are begun.
Now the department of physics and soil reclamation is the recognized theoretical and methodical center in our country and abroad.