Soil science is a science studying laws of formation and functioning of soil and a soil cover of earth, their ecological functions in biosphere and a role in system of an agricultural production. The faculty of soil science is rather young and dynamically developing one of the Moscow  State  University. And it is the largest institution of higher learning of the given direction of the country. The faculty graduates soil scientists-ecologists, experts of soil estimation and rational use of land resources.

Soil science is one of quickly developing branches of modern natural sciences. It is fundamental science, its theoretical base is continuously and quickly improved. The received education allows graduates to work in research establishments and to be engaged in teaching activity in the maximum and average educational institutions. They develop fundamental theoretical problems of soil science, such, as a structurally functional role of a soil cover in biosphere, structure and a structure of soil minerals and its organic substance, the processes of soil formation natural and anthropogenous evolution of soil, a feed of plants and system of fertilizers of soil and others.

Tuition of soil science in Moscow  State  Universityas natural-historical science has been entered by the head of the department of agronomics A.N.Sabanin in 1906 for students of natural branch of physical and mathematical faculty. The first university department of soil science has been organized in 1922. As independent faculty of soil science it was organized in 1973. The first dean of faculty was its organizer professor G.V.Dobrovolsky, nowadays the academician of the Russian academy of sciences. Since 1995 Prof. S.A.Shoba, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science is the dean of the faculty

More than 40 doctors of sciences (from them 25 professors), 115 candidates of sciences work at the faculty. About 450 students and 110 post-graduate students study at faculty. Within the limits of a speciality "Soil science" students specialize on one of 10 departments of faculty: the general soil science, soil chemistry, soil biology, soil geography, physics and reclamation of soil, soil erosion, agrochemistry, general agriculture, land resources and estimation of soil, agroinformatics.