Soil Science has a long history at Moscow State University. At first teaching of soil science as a university discipline started an MSU in 1906. Since that time Departments of Soil Science belonged to Faculties of Physics and Mathematics (1922-1934), Soil and Geography (1934 - 1939), Soil and Geology (1939 - 1949), Biology and Soil Science (1949 - 1973). 
Faculty of Soil Science has been organized at 1973, and now it is one of the 39 Faculties of the MSU. The activity includes both education and research. About 450 undergraduate students and 87 post-graduate students study at the Faculty; more than 150 Professors and Faculties teach and conduct research.  
The Faculty provides undergraduate (BA/BSc, 4 years), Master (MA/MSc, 2 years) and post-graduate programs (PhD, 4 years). For BSc and MSc degrees there are two educational programs: Soil Science and Ecology & Nature Management. For Post-graduate studies there are 3 programs within Biological Sciences (Soil Science, Ecology, and Microbiology) and 2 programs within Agricultural Sciences (Agrochemistry and Agrophysics).
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Various scientific research projects in soil science and related environmental sciences are carried out at the Faculty.  Eleven Departments provide a wide scope of fields of study: Agrochemistry & Plant Biochemistry; Soil Science (Pedology), Soil Geography, Soil Physic & Melioration, Soil Chemistry, Soil Biology, Agriculture, Soil Erosion & Conservation, Agroinformatics, Land Resources, and Radio-ecology & Ecotoxicology.
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